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Ian is a rare specimen: a demi-biologist, a term he coined which fits well. He's a CheMistry major, though, actually. He parodies everything, from You Don't Know Jack to The Forum. He has played ItrGames with a rolled up chemistry quiz for a dagger and is a member of the great TimeCube consortium. The disorder of the universe got so great that his suite was thrust out to LindeDorm such that everyone must walk a million miles to see him in his natural element, EntropySuite. On Saturdays one may find him in the StinkingDogInn RolePlaying with BretHutchinson, AriNieh, DanSmith and LinleyHall. Ask him about torture and BunGe.

Has a home page: http://www3.hmc.edu/~itullis/

Not half the ClownMan than AriNieh is.


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