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"I found Jesus in a fractograph." --JoseluisEspinosa

Also called by various pseudonyms as JL, FCF, Miguel, and BLEH!, he is known to enjoy playing the guitar and spinning various unstable and potentially dangerous objects around campus.(Recently the guitar has been shunned for juggling implements and JL's legendary BigWood). Founding member of SporkYou.

JL is currently not wearing any pants. In fact he never wears pants, because "he's got the whole world in his pants," and it would be very hard to find pants that big and still fit the definition. WORLDWIDE PANTS.

I find your lack of pants disturbing.

<snip, snip go scissors with handles arching upward at insane angles into unpeopled darkness...no, a voice: "may the dead bits fall away like weary leaves in the subdued time of scattered color and wistful heaves of an elliptical denouement"...a relic: ChrisFloraTostado>

JL has demonstrated sexiness the likes of which the world has never seen (likely because it's quite dark in his pants). Need more info? Ask SpockFrosh. On second thought...don't.

Full of approximations!!

...No, not really. Good thing..whew..

People who have told JL to get a haircut:



  JL: "Moooooo!!"
  Kay: "That's a cow!"
  JL: "That's what _you_ think!"

"I found Jesus in a fractograph." --JoseluisEspinosa


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