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MaTy wants to castrate everyone with blue eyes. Be warned.

This person does exist, and probably should, though much to the annoyance of certain members of TreaSon. She is a SophoMore in AtwoodDorm.

KaylinSpitz goes by Kaylin or MaTy (KaylinSpitz's middle name) depending on who you're talking to, the mood she's in, and the weather in Lafayette, Colorado. This can be confusing to people who haven't read the rulebook (available upon request) that explains in great detail when to use each name, so just go with either one and if somebody corrects you, assume they have a better understanding of the rules than you do.

MaTy is a PiRate?. ARRRRR MaTy!!!

MaTy is a robot. We know this is true because she denies it when confronted, just like a robot would.

MaTy wants to castrate everyone with blue eyes. Be warned.

Needs to learn that her funwiki "usename" should just be the name of her home page, i.e. KaylinSpitz, and not some crazy variant like MatyKaylin or Kspitz, in order to minimize the creation of WikiIslands.

Once had large amounts of fish sauce.
When nobody is around to tell her what not to do, does a variety of silly things, such as attempting to ride her bicycle backwards, setting off F&M's alarm (to get a key envelope), and handling hot objects with her bare hands. Does fewer, less stupid things with others around.


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