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Liz Sarapata is a junior who lives in East 165 with JessicaStringham. She is dating PeterFedak. She has trouble with the ladies.

She offers many useful services such as juicing fruit and custom crochet, and can also speak naturally in iambic pentameter. She collects scented candles.

She has an unusual ability to confuse the heck out of anyone eating lunch with her.

She is a very proud vegan. If you joyfully eat animal products in front of her, you are likely to see her "sad vegan face".

She has many very very coincidental things in common with JessicaStringham:


Liz walks into East Courtyard with a banana sticking out of her shorts pocket.
Liz: Hello frosh! I am happy to see you!

Peter: I got a present for you!
Liz: Awww, it's a heart! What is it?
Peter: It's a "bath bomb." I got it because it was rose scented.
Liz: Oh, it's rose flavored?
Peter: Well,
Liz licks it

Follow-up story
Liz: Look, I did something completely unexpected! *she holds up a lit candle*
Peter: Aww, you figured out a more efficient way to experience the scent of the candle! As opposed to licking it...
*Liz leans over the flame*

Liz: If we actually do go clubbing, I'm showing up in a waistcoat and tie and asking people to dance quickstep.
Acquaintance: I love you forever.

"Instead of a couch, we're just going to get two giant Pillow Pets and sit on that. Our couch is going to be a rainbow unicorn and a panda."

During Telephone Pictionary
First: Case is great at water polo!
Second: Case is good at water polo.
Third: Case is awesome at water polo!
Liz: Mao Zedong is strong, willing and throwing coconuts at the Pentagon.

Liz walks out of ballroom dance, where two Sbarro employees stop her to admire her hair, earrings, and overall weirdness. They give her a 10% off VIP card to convince her to hang out with them. After leaving, she takes a flyer for a strip club from a very amused male employee, then goes to Toys R Us and buys all of the blind bag ponies.

Liz: Is inviting someone to an all-girl naked brunch considered flirting?
GwenGroover: Oh honey.

Explaining to Paul why she can't go in the men's bathroom: "I can't. I don't have enough penises."

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