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* "Does F, in fact, equal ma?"

Whoa, cool! Another Marissa! (And she spells her name the right way!)

Not much to say. Except when talking. Roommate is AliLee. <evil laughter>. This will make it much easier to plan more adventures...

Got the privilege of reading the PurityTest over fall break last year. Fun times.

Is good at starting random traditions.

Started the tradition of SkirtDay with MorganConbere and MikeBuchanan. Funny story. One day early in her first semester, Marissa was wearing a skirt and walked into the lounge. Morgan was there, and upon seeing her wearing her skirt immediately began complaining that everyone that day was wearing a skirt. He asked her, "What, is this some sort of female conspiracy or something?" Marissa was caught slightly off guard by this sudden question, but Mike came to her rescue by saying, "Yes, didn't you know? It's SkirtDay. They all planned it out in the bathroom together. You know, that's the reason girls always go to the bathroom together." At this point Marissa piped back in and said, "No, no. SkirtDay isn't today; it's this Friday." And so it was.

Also started the tradition of the CthulhuSheep, to the annoyance of many people and the vast amusement of others.

Plans on having one (I suppose it would actually be two...) crazy major: Biochem/CS! Woohoo! This sounds like it's going to be FunAndEasy.

Has sold her soul to both choir and CS. They get to fight over it between themselves.

Marissa co-DMed the unnamed 3.5 campaign (D&D) with AliLee. (Byloff rocks! Sorry, Ben). Lots of funny stories have sprung off of that... But we can get to those later. Because of the DMing, she is often accused of being sweet, friendly, and innocent on the exterior, but twisted and evil on the inside.

Is currently DMing an unnamed desert-set 3.5 campaign. Many interesting stories have also come off of this, though not quite so crazy as last year's campaign.

Loves playing the ITR Games, but really regrets the fact that she sometimes can't make it through the entire night.

She is offering *absolutely nothing* for anyone who can think up a joke she hasn't already heard about her last name. Update: Marissa now owes KevinOelze five dollars because he actually did think up a new joke about her last name. However, this joke will not be shared here. Ever.

She loves writing haiku. She spent almost all of her time in AP Chem having haiku conversations with her friend. Here are some of her favorites:

Expressing oneself
In seventeen syllables
Is very diffi--

Writing a haiku
About writing a haiku
Is rather pointless. --Marissa

Oh, wanna have fun?
We could always write haiku!
Oh, wait. This was one. --Marissa

Flamethrower fishing:
Cooking fish while catching them!
Hillbilly moment.
--Randen, one of Marissa's high-school friends, in an inspired moment during one AP chem period

Is also planning to take over the world with a Super Cyborg Ninja Monkey Pirate army.

Take a look at the world's best ProfessorGeaghan quotes! Every day (Fall '05), Marissa can be seen waiting with a pencil poised to take down the best things he says. As a note, none of these are taken out of context. ProfessorGeaghan is just that awesome.

Also, would really appreciate it if someone would please help think up anagrams for the full name (Marissa Anne Quitt). The presence of the letter Q in the last name has always been cool, but annoying for anagrams.




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