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Who am I? Please tell me.

You're an artichoke! You're an Umlaut!

Mark was InvitedToRetire after his first semester at Mudd. But I'm still here, aren't I?

Fate has no forgiveness for those who dare not stand against it.
   I. Personal Statement
  II. Kissi Web Neighbors I know you're out there
 III. Favourite Stuff
  IV. Musings
   V. Ascii Art

I. Personal Statements

Winter 2001

Where are we going? Would knowing make any difference? How can one even be sure of the possibilities of our alternatives if we only know of the choices we've made? I've met a barrier that's new to me. The barrier of Nonexpectation. The New Year is meaningless. Arbitrary divisions of events simply for its convenience. Yet the concept holds a certain mystical value. That of the future. Quite simple, really. One number follows the other. One event after another, point after point, life after life, time after time. And, until recently, those horizons were open fields to me. The eye-candy of possibility and the comforts of knowing. Nonexpectation takes that from you. As I touch that barrier and probe its limits I'll ask myself the same lingering question I've asked a million times past. What comes next? I have no idea. Does that even matter. For it's in not knowing that makes it all worthwhile. Not so much drifting as floating. Rising to the occasion rather than let the occasion seize you. Whatever's out there, no matter how indecernable, will have to deal with me. Look out, World. The Fenris Wolf awakens. And behold, it's about to swallow the Sun.

Fall 2000

And so the wheel goes on spinning towards the next tommorow. What is tommorow? Tommorow is tommorow and the day after, and tommorow is today as is the day before. For myself, time is amorphous. Past present and future have no real meaning to me. It's all one big glob of existence. Events, emotions and thoughts all occuring in parallel. For most people the past is long gone and the future yet to come. It doesn't feel that way for me. The past speaks towards my present, and my present illuminates my past. And the fututre... ah, the future is made up of my own expectations which are nearly as real to me as each passing day. A future made real through my excessive imagination. A future once secure. Unfortunately, "bad things" happen. Things that destroy my expectations and parts of my existence along with it. So I begin to rebuild my future through new experiences and new expectations. Anticipation is a powerful state. So I will see you all tommorow, and today, and again yesterday.

Summer 2000

Concerning Pitzer: Sad to say, Pitzer has decided to leave me to some other fate. I've heard that there were others who ITRed at Mudd this past year who were also rejected from PitzerCollege. All of them. Perhaps it's due to the lack of "merchandise" being provided lately. Their vengeance, it is. As I live about 30 miles from Mudd anyway, weekend visits are compulsory. For me, not Mudd. I don't think it would be ideal for a few hundred Mudders to be hanging around my house every weekend. I would be forced to recycle the excess flesh. But that's Matt's job. So TheBrubeck will have to come over in preparation for the ensuing apocalyptic horror of The Recyling, when Matt will reveal to all his true and most glorious form. So glorious is he in his true form that we will all be forced to hiccough, cough, and sneeze at once, causing our skulls to give way due to the sudden fluctuations in pressure. What I have said I shall maintain as truth. I shall see you all on the day of the wolf's awakening.

II. KissiWebNeighbors

You people are out there. Especially those who consented during the Smootchathon Scavenger Hunt on Valentines 2000 and people from Mad Feast 1999.

KimEspinoza (here i am!)

III. Favourite Stuff


 Hudsucker Proxy
 Nightmare Before Christmas
 Truman Show
 Wag the Dog
 Ghostbusters II



Music: (significantly narrowed down)

 Cat Stevens
 Depeche Mode
 Oingo Boingo
 Smashing Pumpkins

Also: the color green, European and Japanese medieval weaponary, miscellaneous StarTrek related stuff, Tad Williams' stuff, and all mythology.

IV. Musings

Wonders Of The Spoon:

 1. Great for siphoning water out of the lounge fountain. (As of March 1st 2000, this is no longer the case)

 2. My weapon of choice. I don't know why.

 3. It won't hang from my nose like it does for most people.

 4. Kim believes me when I say that the spoon rules.

 5. Spoon beats knife any day.

My ode to the Wheel of GoodIdeas

  Wheel of Good Ideas, spin spin spin,
  Tell us the trouble we should begin.

My special Pizza Haiku, which is very close to my heart.

  Pizza guy without pizza puts funny papers about pizza on doors,
		Storage rooms get funny papers too,
			 Who lives there?

V. Ascii Art

A cat and an owl. (tell me I didn't need to to say that) No, you didn't, and the owl is cute!! -Avani

        /^  -  ^\     ______
       /  '   '  \---        ---
      <     V     >       _               =========   \    ( \              \       ,
\ \____ ) 000---000

      ^ v ^
     | ' ' |  
     '_ V _'       |u u u        \ u u |         \ u u \         _// _//\_       " ' " '

Oh oh oh! I made a wolfie! My most favourite real aminal along with the dolphin... but dolphins have been really tough to do correctly in ascii. Ah well. sigh

                / | 
/ |/)
/^ /
< \
\ \
/ / \
// / \
/ / / \
/ / / /
| | / |
\ \ | \ |
\ \| ) |
\__ \ / |
/__'-, _-,

And now my favourite mythical animal, the gryphon:


___ (_


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