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<@Patroklos> I will kill you all if you tank my background checks

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While entirely too long for this page, #HMC also hosted [the full PurplePassion experience].

While entirely too long for this page, #HMC also hosted [the full PurplePassion experience].

Quotes originating on OctothorpeHMC. HatbotQuotes is related but not on OctothorpeHMC.

 <@Patroklos> I mean, doesn't that make all of you slightly bad human beings for advocated this behavior
 <@Skye|Laptop> what, the trolling, or the raping?
 <@Skye|Laptop> i don't adovocate trolling 

 <@vampirecoffee> you see, jason, i trust your judgement

 <@vampirecoffee> ok, jason has a point

 <@masterzora> Speaking as someone with common sense, I agree with Jason.
 <@masterzora> ...
 <@masterzora> I strike that sentence from existence
 <@masterzora> Those words don't make sense like that

 <@masterzora> I think I'm going to cry a little bit on the inside for saying this
 <@masterzora> but I think Jason has a point

 (to SkyeBerghel) <Patroklos>  ok, I give up, you win.  Your position is more absurd, I give up the troll

 <@Patroklos> I know she does Chris
 * Patroklos has been in that situation with Chris's mom

 <@Patroklos> hmmm, if I sent valve an angry e-mail saying GET YOUR TOFU OUT OF MY WINGS! I doubt they'd understand
 <@reacocard> lol
 <@reacocard> you should do it anyway
 <@Patroklos> fine, but I should probably rephrase it GET YOUR TOFU OFF MY MEAT-LOVERS PIZZA!

 <@Patroklos> go have sex with many womens Skye
 <@FallingSkye?> it is what i do

 <@Elyscape> anyway, I gotta go die. back in a bit.

 <@FallingSkye?> well, sometimes Person A is a dog rapist
 <@FallingSkye?> and sometimes they are a kitten

 <@Goobergunch> do we have to have the first annual #HMC gayoff?

 <@Ely[out]> SIGN ME UP

 <@masterzora> Just remember, you're guilty for sparking this idea in my mind
 <@Patroklos> I'm not gonna feel penitent for your tangents

 <@CCY> so
 <@CCY> what I like is
 <@CCY> leprosy tentacle porn anime

 <@Patroklos> I think that cutting the heads off things is how you make them gender neutral

 <@Goobergunch> if anybody can upgrade, say, The Web of Fear to 1080p
 <@Goobergunch> I will love them forever
 <@Goobergunch> ditto for 720p, 480p, 1p....
 <@Goobergunch> some shillings....

 <@Goobergunch> it can be the West Berlin of soft drinks!

 <@Elyscape> NOTHING

 <@Patroklos> whoa, I never realized manitees were so sexy before

 <@masterzora> nah, but they sometimes just have infinity jello instead

 <@prototype27> I unfortunately am not unemployed

 <@Patroklos> man, it's always awkward when it starts raining mexicans

 <@masterzora> Dan
 <@masterzora> Stop listening to me

 -!- mode +o Calder by reacocard, reacocard, reacocard
 <@Goobergunch> .... wut
  * Calder develops op cancer
 -!- mode -o Calder by Goobergunch
 <@Goobergunch> Cured!

 <@Calder> what's that orange bar for in the bottom right corner of my XChat window?
 <@Calder> is it my XP meter?
 <@masterzora> there's an easy way to find out
 <@masterzora> go kill something
 <@masterzora> if it gets bigger
 <@masterzora> yes
 <@reacocard> ^
 <@reacocard> also iirc its lag measurement or something like that
 <@reacocard> but i could be very wrong
  * Calder silences a ferocious rice cracker
 <@Calder> wow
 <@Calder> it... actually went up

 <@Alaszun|Desktop> <-Kevin Oelze.  I graded you in algs ;P
 <@dmitriy> oh
 <@dmitriy> sorry

 <@pants> from this point onwards, I refer to hitler as "the tickle monster"

 <@masterzora> If the floor's not shaking, what's the point?
 <@FallingSkye?> IT'S JOHNNY CASH
 <@FallingSkye?> THAT'S THE POINT
 <@Goobergunch> really?
 <@Goobergunch> I think the House could learn from it
 <@FallingSkye?> thanks martin

 [Elyscape has been telling a long story for the past half-hour, with no end in sight]
 16:49:27 -!- mode +v Elyscape by eiko
 16:49:47 -!- Alaszun|Work kicked Elyscape from #HMC (Sh)
 16:49:47 -!- Elyscape ~elyscape@c-107-3-133-97.hsd1.ca.comcast.net has joined 
 16:51:15 -!- Elyscape is now known as and_I_yell_at_him
 16:51:22 -!- and_I_yell_at_him is now known as YOU_FRAMED_ME

 [Actually from OctothorpeContact? but close enough]
 11:14 < Alaszun|Work> swimming bears doesn't start with PARA..
 11:14 < Drunken_Swimmer> :/
 11:14 < Drunken_Swimmer> really?

 13:40:34 <@Goobergunch> I'm a Jew
 13:40:36 <@Goobergunch> I always have interest

 13:09:49 <@Goobergunch> So Pope Mussolini was a young female goat.  Noted.

 [Actually from OctothorpeContact? but close enough]
 19:22:45 < prototype27> with the right interns, DVI output can go to HDMI input

 22:34:16 <@masterzora> Deus Ex teaches me the true meaning of friendship
 22:34:25 <@masterzora> whenever I am hurt, my friend the medbot is always there for me

 <@Patroklos> massacres are always fun

 <@Hastings> you'll forgive me if I don't hate the red sox at least as much as the red sox at this point

 <@pants> pit bulls cause conflict on mailing lists
 <@pants> should be outlawed

 <@Spellman> only minor problem with an alcohol habit: gets exspensive
 <@Spellman> that and people who wind up with alcoholism

 <@masterzora> new pick up line: "Did you hear prop 8 is unconstitutional? Let's fuck."
 <@Hastings> "without condoms, so we can show the gays who's boss"

 <@masterzora> give bitches misogyny
 <@masterzora> bitches love misogyny


 <@Alaszun|Work> wait fuck
 <@Alaszun|Work> I have to creepily take people into Sam's bedroom on Saturday

 <@TallNapoleon?> we could just make fun of the Jew instead~

 <@TallNapoleon1?> im voting for gingrich
 <@TallNapoleon1?> so he can send me to the moon

 <@Hastings|work> god bless you, canada

 (technically from OctothorpeConjugate? but close enough)
 * Gorilla slides a bear down the bar to the bier

 <@Aaeriele> Getting bored of space. Wanna go to tabs.

 <@reacocard> CSS has many death stars

 <@masterzora> everyone walks right into penises

 <@Patroklos> also, just caught up on the XKCD what-ifs.  Saw the 
                      phrase "The storage industry produces in the 
                      neighborhood of 650 million hard drives per year. " 
                      and thought "Dammit K, you do NOT need that much disk"

 Netsplit over, joins: lasagna

  * Patroklos needs to try killing more people.

 <@Patroklos1?> That zipfile was clearly a black woman.

 <@reacocard> success! I have failures!

 <@masterzora> in retrospect, setting a grep with -R against the entire 
               Youtube source may have been a suboptimal move >.>

While entirely too long for this page, #HMC also hosted [the full PurplePassion experience].

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