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OgreBattle is one of my favorite games, because of its epic feel and its unique gameplay. At the time it was made, there was no game which resembled it, and it was one of the few strategic RolePlayingGame?s on the market, and it's still fairly unique, though the genre has certainly increased in size. Unlike some other people, I liked the reputation and alignment systems, which punish players for various forms of unvirtuous behavior and also PowerLeveling?. OgreBattle is actually non-linear, allowing the player to choose (to some extent) in which order to do the battles and giving choices which actually impact the ending. The story, while not on the level of complexity of, say, XenoGears, was interesting and involved.

The one element which annoyed me was the inability to save during battles, a problem because an inidividual battle towards the end of the game can take more than four hours. The PlayStation version corrects this, as do emulators. All in all, a very satisfying game, and one which I would like to play again, if I can ever find the time.



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