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*(For pictures of this event check out http://www.pbase.com/aikifrosh/inbox)
*(For pictures of this event check out http://www.pbase.com/aikifrosh/rose)

The 2002 edition of the traditional post-LongTallGlasses prank, in which red and green LTG posters were stolen off the wall of NorthDorm and formed into a damn impressive replica of the rose.

The principal players involved in the effort were MeghanDriscoll?, DavidCoyne, and myself (NickHerman). We waited until about 4 AM before actually commencing the operation. Prior to this, we had been planning for several hours. Meghan did a lot towards actually creating the beautiful replacement rose, (it is no easy feat crafting a ~6 foot tall quite solid rose completely made out of paper posters!) David also helped and provided the team with much enthusiasm, jumping around, coming up with various ideas, as usual. I did some reconaissance during the party to ascertain how exactly we were going to reach North's rose and cut it down. I also scoped out various entrances/exits, and observed the general degree of drunken-ness of the partiers. I wasn't quite sure I had faith that our efforts would materialize, but lo and behold, around 3:45 or 4 AM I was summoned by Meghan and David, informing me that they thought the time was right (and ripe!) By this time, there was no longer any people visible in the North Courtyard. We boldly ran into the the enemy's territory after scoping out the situation and taking great care. After a little deducing, we returned with a pair of scissors, David jumped on the bar that happened to be right under the suspended rose, cutting the ropes and freeing it from its primitive (to be former) keepers. We then victoriously carried it back to EastDorm, triumphantly. The three only-EastFrosh?-still-awake then made a few extra trips to take back West's signs from North and (kindly) return them to West as the WestFrosh? had been shirking their duties, and EastFrosh? just kick that much ass. I found it highly amusing to be running into West courtyard at 4:30 in the morning, carrying a large "Central Avenue" sign, receiving several puzzling gazes from Westies still gathered around a bonfire. We only had one close encounter, when several drunken Northies ran after us during one of our runs as we were getting some signs, but they quickly gave up, probably forgetting what they had been doing. We really wanted to take back Pinbot for ourselves, but unfortunately it was a bit too heavy and there wasn't enough space cleared in the exitways. All in all, quite an awesome night I'd say. -NickHerman

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