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As a happy frosh, PeterBoothe was NotBitter. During sophomore year, PeterBoothe, along with NathanField, JoshHoyt, and ChrisSantillo founded TimeSuck, one of the oldest of the EastieSuites that still exists.

(That year, the TimeSuck lounge was home to a climbing wall, underneath the low point of which was a nice mattress that was one mattress lower than the rest of the piles of mattresses carpeting the room. This mattress was known as the Gravity Well, because gravity somehow seemed to be stronger there once you got comfy, and it could be very hard to escape, as TracyvanCort discovered one night during her first few weeks at HarveyMuddCollege. PeterBoothe compounded the problem by covering the hapless frosh with an authentic grandmother-knitted blanket, and there was no escape for her until the next morning. Tracy and Peter have been enjoying each other's company since a few months after that fateful night, an arrangement that persists to this day.)

Um, where were we? Oh yes. Then PeterBoothe was one of two EastDormPresidents, and he got VeryBitter.

Lately he has gone back to being NotBitter

He and KimEspinoza were the original keepers of the BastionOfPurity title, which has since been passed on to SeemaPatel and TreeMoore.

He was one of the first JointMajors.

PeterBoothe now worked at GoRdian, and lived in Laguna Beach with TracyvanCort. They then went to EugeneOregon?, where Peter goes to GradSchool at the UniversityOfOregon?. firstname_lastname@alumni.hmc.edu will always work if you want to get in touch.

To find out more, go to his web page at http://www.soy.dyndns.org


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