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Chair of the HarveyMuddCollege CheMistry Department and one of the most soporific human beings ever to walk the face of this planet. Between his soothing monotone and the fact that he turns to experimental data to determine which of two equally reasonable-sounding theories is true IN LECTURE, who knows how many abysmal FroshChem grades he can be held responsible for?

ProfessorDaub also was OnceUponaTime the director of the FreshmanDivision?, where he originated the horrible FireHose? analogy. ("Your first year here will be like drinking from a FireHose?.") ProfessorDaub is freakishly good at TrivialPursuit?.


"So we are going to do math on the atoms...And now we are not going to do math on the atoms themselves, we are going to do math between the atoms."

"TiVo?! Back up the class!"

"But you don't know, we're supposed to laugh, and then move on."

"Okay, let's rinse this baby out right now" - referring to a flask.

"[Reaction A] is like taking candy from a baby. But [reaction B] is like taking candy from a one-year-old. No, it's like the difference between taking candy from me and taking candy from DevonStork."


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