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ProfessorLittle Quotes:
*"Every time you see a clock, you should have an anxiety attack.Ē
*"Usually born leaders are 'Tall white males'. Having been a short white male all my life, Iíve never really bought this as a theory."
*"Iíve spent my entire life trying to figure out how to be taller. I have cowboy boots with heels on them!"
*"I'm brilliant, and you're okay too."
*"Some things don't work for compromises, like having children! If the wife wants a child and you don't, you don't just go 'Well then, lets have an abortion or put the child up for adoption right away!'"
*"If I look at this and see a tree, and you see a bowling ball, there's no point in chopping it down or going bowling. At some point, we need to decide to just go fishing."

Originally a transportation engineer, he has taught E4 and various engineering management classes. Currently (2003-2004) serves as the head of the clinic program.

He's an interesting person with a lot of ideas. He follows his principles.

He almost became a priest.

ProfessorLittle Quotes:

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