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From Math 64, Spring 2009:

"Maybe you have good hamsters and evil hamsters."

ProfessorYong is a Mudd alum who was also here as a visiting professor for a while and who is now a tenure-track-type assistant professor. He does applied stuff. He has been known to teach LittleFourier? and Multi-V. He's also a pianist, and has been known to accompany the ChamberChoir? when it was doing stuff for choir and piano four-hands.

As a student at Mudd, he was legendarily insane, apparently graduating with somewhat over 200 units and three degrees (BS in math, MA in math, and BA in piano), and still managing to be the salutatorian of his class.

MicahSmukler first heard that Mudd was rehiring ProfessorYong from the Scripps music department. This amused him.

Quotes from Math 115, fall 2003:

"It's like conservation of ream. All of the hard work gets pushed into another part."

...and this constant is called 'M' because it spells 'Meat'"

     Prof. Yong: "It's our best friend, the 1-D rod!"
     (class breaks out in snickers and laughter)
     Prof. Yong: "Are you guys being crude again?"

"I love this Beta book. It's been peed on by rats."

Quotes from Math 115, fall 2007: (from one of his grad school professors) "Only high school girls care about uniform convergence!"

Quotes from Math 115, Fall 2008:

(to Mathematica) "Try harder, dammit!"

From Math 64, Spring 2009:

"Maybe you have good hamsters and evil hamsters."

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