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Before Long Tall Glasses 2017 ended, MaxTepermeister and CassieRossi locked themselves in the Makerspace with three 60-packs of red solo cups. The task they were about to undertake was immense, and they would eventually do it with the help of AryaMassarat and HarryFetsch. First, MaxTepermeister used a dremel mounted in a vice to drill 8 holes in each cup, and CassieRossi and AndrewMPham arranged the cups to look like a pixel art version of a rose. Then, (this part took 5 hours) with the help of Pandora, the whole crew strung together all of the cups using fishing line. It was quite an adventure. AryaMassarat and HarryFetsch were in potentially the longest HonorBoard meeting ever and joined in later. The victory parade back to East was impressive. The crew (minus CassieRossi, who had important stuff at 8am the next morning) all hung up the rose in NorthDorm courtyard at around 3am.

It has been up for around 3 weeks at this point (3/4/17) and NorthDorm really likes it.

[Pictures when I'm not lazy -CR]

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