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In the future, industrialization has crippled the globe. As technology spreads, there is an epidemic of organ failure. GeneCo? is created. GeneCo? will sell you organs with a repayment plan. You can finance your bones and your kidneys! Miss a payment, and your organs will be repossessed.

The cast contains a bunch of people who should never be in the same movie together:

Grave Robber is considered hot by 100% of people polled by SkyeBerghel, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Endorsed by DanCiliske, SkyeBerghel, MartinPyne, and SarahLoeb.

SkyeBerghel: Parts of this movie are good because they're really good, and parts are bad because they're really good.

SarahLoeb: Zydrate comes in a little glass vial.

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