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*** In not seeing Easties naked, of course.

Not to be confused with StripITR?ing (remove an item of clothing for each credit you drop?).

ItrGames, but with less clothing. Oft discussed, never yet (to my knowledge) played.

Several variations have been proposed:

Bare Skin Armor

All exposed skin is armored, clothing is not. You choose how vulnerable you want to be. There might need to be a minimum of required clothing to prevent invulnerability.

Decaying Armor

Clothing is armor, but it is destroyed (removed) when hit.

Happyville and Random (strip variant)

Some Happyville and Random characters could be edited to involve stripping. "'Palm attack: remove an item of clothing'"

Clothing Lives

You have a number of lives equal to the number of articles of clothing you are wearing. Each time you're killed, you return to the graveyard, remove one article, and leave it there, then come back to life. In order to prevent the psycho killers' identities from being quickly discovered, one could only be a psycho during certain numbered lives. (i.e. "You're not a psycho now, but you will be after the third time you die and not after the fifth.")

This variant would be even more interesting with a necromancer added in.

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