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Vengeance shall be mine, said the Lord.

But the Lord saith many things.

(Like "Moo")

And you should hear him try to say "aluminum". Does he say aluminum or aluminium?

"There needs to be a better word for weird." -Strong Sad

Suite Vengeance graduated in 2006. It was sort of a FourDimensionalSuite.

Inheritors of the ItrGames leadership from TimeSuck6, and held it until graduation, at which point they passed it on to SuiteBetrayal. While living, were a frequent sight at CrackInTheAC

Noted for their often overcrowded table at dinner at Platt due to various people inexplicably deciding that sitting there beats sitting with sane people. We're talking like 10 people, every day

I'm totally seeing the Seven Scientists thing working right here


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