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Explanatory email explaining Timescuk. The origin of the true spelling of Timescuk. Sent by Michael of TimeSuckXVII
Explanatory email explaining Timescuk. The origin of the true spelling of Timescuk (HistoricTypo). Sent by Michael of TimeSuckXVII

Explanatory email explaining Timescuk. The origin of the true spelling of Timescuk (HistoricTypo). Sent by Michael of TimeSuckXVII

Subject Line: How to Timescuk

Dear Dorm,

Greetings! I hope the semester is treating you well. Timesuck is open and ready to use! But what does that mean you ask yourself. What is Timesuck?

Short Version: Subscribe to timesuck-l by sending an email to: timesuck-l+subscribe@g.hmc.edu Email us or timesuck-l to suggest music for barbeque Email us or timesuck-l to plan an event in Timesuck Come to Kira's 80s movies in Timesuck Let us know if there's any way Timesuck could better serve YOU! Vote YES! on Proposition 16 (see long version for details)

Long Version:


What is Timesuck? Timesuck is whatever you want it to be!

In a more concrete sense, it is a set of two rooms. One room #110 is where four sophomore Mudders live. This is private side. It's not all that interesting.

The other room is #108. This is public side, you can also recognize it by the giant TimeSuck sign (courtesy of Andy the Frosh and Devon the Stork, among others) and the grand stoplight outside. This room should be open most times and if it's closed, feel free to ask if you can come in. It's public side for a reason, it's a place for everyone!

Who lives in Timesuck? The four sophomores I mentioned earlier are Adam Dunlap, Ian Song, Calvin Leung, and myself, Michael Sheely.

Special thanks to John Phillpot, Ben Lowenstein, Daniel Bork, and Eric Stucky, a set of 3 juniors and 1 senior (respectively) who have made timesuck possible by pulling the four sophomores into the rooms and been all around wonderful people!

What happens in Timesuck? Kira Wyld is showing 80s movies every Friday (except this one, b/c of Career Fair) Noah Marcus will be hosting traditional Timesuck events from time to time, called (exceptionally bad and hilarious) Porn and Tacos (or perhaps In-N-Out as Sarah and Emma pioneered last year). See Noah's email for more information. Other events that are currently TBD because YOU still need to plan them. When you come up with a great idea, let us know. Anything from one time board game parties to weekly episodes of a show, let us know and we'll make it happen. Sadly, homework also happens in Timesuck, despite our best efforts to make it a fun and welcoming place. If you need a place to do homework, we will make public side available but the spirit of Timesuck is to steal your time and (if you're a Frosh) enjoy pass-fail!

How do I plan an event in Timesuck or know that one is happening? Choose one of the following: Send an email to timesuck-l@g.hmc.edu Send an email to myself msheely@hmc.edu or Adam adunlap@hmc.edu Ask any of the four of us in person Plot a rebellion to overthrow the current lords of Timesuck, take our place in glorious coup d'etat and plan the event yourself (not recommended).

We will send an email out to timesuck-l which will go to everyone subscribed before most events, especially if they're not regular events, and emails to schmak for larger events that more people might wish to know about.

How do I subscribe to timesuck-l????!?!?!11!11!1!111!1 I recently changed the permissions, you should be able to: send an email to timesuck-l+subscribe@g.hmc.edu with anything you like (including nothing) in the subject line and the body. You will receive a confirmation email, which will require you to click some thing.

Let me know if you are unsuccessful and I will add you manually.

What does the stoplight mean? It helps you know what's going on in Timesuck at a certain time. GREEN: Come on in, people are probably just hanging out inside. If the door is closed and locked, it's either a mistake or it's super hot outside. Either way, slam really hard on the door and it'll open. YELLOW: There's an event going on inside. Definitely come in and join the event, but now is not the best time to enter with a megaphone in front of a gram of anitmater [it's pretty loud (also this is not an iff, do not enter with a gram of antimater at any time, regardless of the stoplight's setting)]. RED: Now is not the best time to enter. Someone is having a Hackathon meeting, taking a takehome exam, a prefrosh is inside and would like some privacy (<-- most likely), or a number of tumblbeasts have escaped and we are rounding them up.

Who is Chris? Michael claims that that he is Chris. After all, his name is an anagram for Chis, which is within an order of magnitude of Chris. Adam claims that he is Chris. Apparently his middle name is Christopher or somesuch.

Why are you so bad at Timesuck? Back in my day... Sorry about that, we've never experienced a Timesuck, so let us know how we can improve, and if there are any traditions we're forgetting about.

How can I help Timesuck? Vote yes on Proposition 16. This will mean that you recognize Timesuck as a public space, which will allow us to get a Blackboard installed in Timesuck. Beautiful chalk drawings on the way!

Can I eat in Timesuck? Absolutely! Food is amazing! (Cleaning up after yourself would be appreciated)

Can I eat Timesuck? Optional but not recommended.

Can I Timesuck? There is a Timesuck every year, if you choose not to overthrow us this year, check out how Timesuck operates and decide if it would be something you're interested in. It's not for everyone. Some people like personal space, and if so, don't Timesuck.

Can I? Of course you can! You can do anything you set your mind to!!!

Can? Learn grammer you noob.

What should I have for dinner? A wise man once told me "Today is Salad."

What should I major in? Culinary arts. Have I mentioned how awesome food is?

What has Timesuck ever done for me? Weellllll, you haven't seen any ice giants since Timesuck's been around, have you?

What if I want to dig a tunnel under the dorm and it happens to pass underneath Timesuck? Due to the understandably high number of requests we decided to address this in the FAQ. Our floor tiling is not incredibly stable, so if at all possible, please attempt to confine your tunneling operations to the area around Linde field.

Michael "Happy Tunneling!" Sheely

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