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Otherwise known as NateCappallo is a DumbAss. It started when NateCappallo, AriNieh, BretHutchinson, and EmilyCukier were dancing outside of GsixtyThree. All but Nate decided to run around the dorm shouting "Party in GsixtyThree!" Thus, Nate and his RoomMates quickly kicked everybody out of TheChampagneRoom (they were playing SuperSmashBrothers at the time) and began to get ready for the party.

One of the necessary preparations is to move furniture to make room to dance in. Thus, Nate picked up the NotSoOrangeChair? to place it on the couch. It began to fall forward so he gave it a good shove, to the response of the crunch and tinkle of two of the windows breaking as the chair was forced through them. The total damage will probably be about $80-$150, but the way cool MarcyLaViollette spent an evening running around the dorm gathering donations to help pay for the window... Thanks Marcy!


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