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* DuctTapeGuy says: UgLy! The node name, not the movie. Well, some might disagree on one or both points. Personally I thought the movie was quite a sharp treatment of something that is far too easily turned into fanservice galore. There are far too many opportunities for random references, cameos, and other things that diehard comic book readers would drool over and everyone else would just go "Yeah.... uh.... about those costumes?" I mean, please? Yellow spandex? (<---nominee for best line in movie)


It has come to a time when evolution has taken the next step and there are occasionally very big mutations in people that result in them having special powers. There are bad guys with special powers that want to destroy all humans. There are good guys with special powers that want to stop the bad guys. It is a very serious style movie for being based off a comic book.

And for those of you who think they know the X-men, here's some XmenTrivia.


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