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KaijuBooska does not drink ChocolateMountainDew.

"I don't know the scientific explanation for this, but fire made it good..." -- TheSimpsons?

An original TimeSuck concoction, this TastyBeverage? is a mixture of Hershey's chocolate syrup and MountainDew. It is yet to be determined whether this was a GoodIdea or a BadIdea.

Featured at 1998's ChocolateMountainDewOrDie.

There are varying opinions on what makes for the "best" ChocolateMountainDew. ShamikMaitra in general runs a mean blender at parties; his is pretty good.

Most will tell you that the best recipe for ChocolateMountainDew is 1 part chocolate (in the form of Hershey's Syrup) and one part Mountain Dew (in the form of Mountain Dew).

The taste is best described as liquid Tootsie Roll. Then you think, "I like tootsie rolls!"...then you think, "liquid? wait a minute, I don't like liquid tootsie rolls, that sounds gross"..and you'd be right. --JohnWalseth

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