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* depending on your definition of "female"

There aren't very many of us... ErinSperry is one. MarissaAnderson is too. So is VirginiaStoll. And AvaniGadani.

Ooh ooh, me too! --JessicaFisher

And me --VictoriaKrafft

What about me? Oh, right... --AlexBobbs

And me. Do I count? ---JonathanBeall

SeleneTan (Who sent a WuzzleAsciiArt? to Cs70?-l) (roomates are silly)

"Because clearly that's the sensible thing to do."

Me too, despite all the engineering courses... --HeatherJustice

Me too, now! --SkyeBerghel

CS makes me happy :) -- BekyKotcon

And MaTy! -- BobChen

don't leave me out -- SonjaBohr

and MoiraTagle, too?

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