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* Has occupied an actual suite ever since (East 155 and 157 in 2009-10, SouthDorm in 2010-11, and currently resides in second floor Atwood).

What East 153 was dubbed in 2008-9, after a particularly uncreative brainstorming session by a bunch of frosh who knew that 1) the only other suite they knew in East was TimeSuck 2) there was a lot of homework done in East 153. (psst, don't tell them a suite is more than one room)

HomeworkSuck is on average a SextupleDouble? (mo' like a SexyTupleDouble?), although the range of its population is approximated as [null set, N] where N is an number of frosh. It has been proven by induction, however, that the rule of N+1 applies to HomeworkSuck.

HomeworkSuck, despite being titled such, is actually increasing in volume (since there is a constant music war in the room), and as such, the work accomplished in HomeworkSuck is actually negative (when against an external peer pressure to not do work).

Nevertheless, there is at least some pretense of doing homework in HomeworkSuck, although Conservation of Not Wanting to Do Homework always applies for any number N of students in HomeworkSuck. For example, the more student A wants to do their FroshChem, the more student B will crack jokes about 'doing' FroshChem (and if applicable Student C will make jokes about it being difficult to 'do' inanimate objects), thus maintaining inefficiency.

Also HomeworkSuck has a theoretical comfortable sleeping limit of seven people (3 mattresses + 1 sofa). This statement has not been proven.

It has been proven that the sets of {TheDevinator's Significant Others} and {People Under TheDevinator's Desk} are in fact one and the same. It was then conclusively proven that N+1 people can lie in both sets, for N = 4. Some wonder if HomeworkSuck needs more sleep. Or if TheDevinator needs a DevinatorFacts? page.

HomeworkSuck is very COOL and HIP.

Members of HomeworkSuck:

Guest appearances by: KatieBennett, EvanLi, KatieBennett!, EvanLi!, LilianDeGreef?, BenJi, HeroAndrew, JosephMin, EdwardWang, AprilWong, VincentPai and undoubtedly more people, where 'more' is a number

Activities performed in HomeworkSuck:

David Letterman's Top 10 Quotes of HomeworkSuck:

List of HomeworkSuck Puns!

And other HomeworkSuck quotes someone thought was notable:

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