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Technically known as the Humanities and Social Sciences department, but that's way too long for most Mudders to say. 'Hums' are defined by Mudders as "things that aren't offered at Mudd." Almost. More practically, "things that aren't CS, physics, bio, math, engineering, or chem."

Each Mudder has to take 12 Humanities classes (including Hum1) in order to graduate, including 2 from each segment of the hum department and a couple more from your particular hum focus field.

For some reason, the humanities department also includes economics. This makes sense to Mudders (see above definition of humanities), but was a near-disaster when, on tour with a student whose parent (who was there) happened to be an English lit teacher, saw the "economics" label on doors in the Hum department. "You consider economics to be a humanities?" she questioned. She kept a set of pursed lips until the end of the tour. And maybe after that.

See HumPaper, HumClassReview for more Hum goodness.

Hum Professors:

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