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Adam is a FrOsh!!!!

aka TheDrugGuy

Also known as "morally corrupt CharlesDawson"

Face of a lost puppy and attention span of a goldfish.

I blame the MaryJane.

Was one of the DormSocial (reps). Now a "social rep". 420 blaze-it

First EastDormCannabis. supplies OliverBaldwin with lots of boba and the rest of the dorm with lots of w33d

Developed the game of BongPong with JoshCheung

On most nights you can see him at the PicnicTable? installed behind EastDorm circa spring 2019, as this table is conveniently just over [20ft] away from EastDorm, has plenty of space for lots of glassware, and features nonfunctional USB charging outlets.

DoctorWho fangirl. Dr. Whovian for life

Solves a lot of RubiksCube?s, is probably playing with one as you're reading this.

Was roommates with BenLangton and RyanMartinez, and part of TimeSuck XXII (aka TimeSuccc?)

Favorite numbers are FunnySexNumber and FunnyWeedNumber

Part of CaltechCannonPlaquePrank

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