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AdriSebree is a former resident of EastDorm; he is now a CMC student just to confuse you. Despite being a Senior now, he will never have registered as a Senior because he didn't have Senior standing at the beginning of his final year at CMC, thus he had an early Junior registration slot for his final semester Senior year. He managed to get all of the classes that he wanted anyhow though.

Sophomore year he was one of the members of TimeSuck. He likes weapons and martial arts. He is one of the founding members of PAGAN, a 5Cs religious organization. He also plays the recorders and has his tenor recorder and soprano recorder with him at school. He is also now a member of CCBDC.

Adri is a fan of indian food (and other similarly spicy foods) and cheese. :) He is also a fan of CaitlinJacques's cooking, and in fact learned to cook from his former roommate.

Adri has now transfered out of Mudd because he is an EnglishMajor. He is now attending CMC and is living in the CMC apartments where he has a kitchen and a bathroom all to himself.

Adri's former roommate was CaitlinJacques, and he still is often found in SuiteNsour, her suite in Atwood.

And for the people that the pronouns are confusing: Adri is FtM? transgendered, so old quotes refer to him as a she.

   What others have to say about him:
She has a habit of batting at shiny objects. No, really, dangle one in front of her and watch her go. It's like having a giant cat, only without all the shedding. --CaitlinJacques

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