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A member of the first graduating class of HarveyMuddCollege (and apparently an East resident for two years), Gerald Van Hecke (or "VH" as he is sometimes known to chem majors, though never to his face) is one of the ScariestProfsAtMudd. He's also pure hate incarnate. Just ask him about WhirLing if you don't believe me.

There are lots of great legends about VH that get better with each retelling. Perhaps some of them shall grace this page at a later date.

Has taught just about every course offered by the CheMistry department, and currently teaches PhysicalChemistry and its companion lab. Quaver in your boots.

Calls some machines "instruments" and other machines "machines," and gets particularly violent about this distinction. When in doubt, use the former, e.g. "Copy Instrument" and "Rage Against the Instrument."

Fond of ProfessorKarukstis, and has co-authored two books with her, if you know what I mean.

Could use a BunGe.

Knows how to use a bullwhip. Has considered using it to ease the symptoms of SeniorItis? in the PhysicsOfStuff? students.

The anagram of Gerald Van Hecke is "Chalked Avenger".

A campus legend has it that a student, walking barefoot through the chem department, found himself face to face with Professor Van Hecke. "You can't walk barefoot in here," warned Van Hecke. "Why not," challenged the student foolishly. "It's not like there's broken glass on the floor." To which Van Hecke reaches into his office with one hand and brings out a beaker, which he smashes on the floor. "There is now."

In P-Chem lab I actually heard the real story straight from Van Hecke's mouth. It was a long time ago, when his office was on the second floor. A student was walking along the hallway barefoot and Van Hecke told him he should't because glass gets tracked everywhere (which is honestly true). The student didn't believe him so VH told him to look down and there was a big piece of glass next to his foot.

Perhaps less entertaining, but certainly more credible I think.


As of FroshChem Fall 2007, has managed to crack some sort of a joke every lecture.

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