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A ScrippsCollege MathMajor (Class of '09) who was introduced to EastDorm by BrianaKonigsberg and kept there by RichardMehlinger. Try poking her for an amusing response. Is rather awesome and is sometimes axiomatically accepted as adorable, since her adorableness hasn't actually been proven. However, it has also not been proven UnDecidable?, so a proof may yet be discovered. Was the 2007-2008 DormRecyler under the guise of IvanHernandez. Used to look like BobChen if you weren't paying attention. This has been confirmed by ProfessorBenjamin, ProfessorHuang? and various others. Is currently in possession of BobChen's life.

Took a break from FunWiki because she had been a little too obsessed with completion whoring.

 Save your strength, there's a boss battle ahead.
 HP/MP Restored!
 But you're still hungry.

Quotes (taken completely OutOfContext?, of course):

  (12:02:12 AM) Robin: oh hold on my bitches are here
  (12:02:17 AM) Robin: I'm going to go entertain them
  (12:02:20 AM) Robin: with a stick
  (12:02:33 AM) Robin: ok done


Participated in the FnordCompletionRun.

FunWikiGeneration 3 (bohr)


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