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Richard Strong Bowen is a (dead) member of the Class of 2010. He:
Richard Strong Bowen is a (dead) member of the Class of 2010.

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* was InTexas for about 10 months, but now lives in WashingtonDC?, which he strongly prefers.
* is fond of the number 17.
* was a MathMajor.
* roomed with ScottButters frosh year (who then moved to WestDorm)
** thereafter TimeSuckXI for 07-08.
*** Back in East 166 ((alas, not - RSB) the highest numbered double in East) with JamesBrown for 08-09.
**** And ProctorSuite for 09-10
* had frosh year nickname Pico (or PicoRichard) due to his being the third eastie named Richard (see RichardMehlinger and RichardGarfinkel).
** Does prefer 'Richard' when such disambiguation is unnecessary.
** It should be noted that he is not THE third eastie to be named Richard (presumably!), but rather the third one still living in east when he got there.
* is a fan of BuffaloFishPeople.
* is, contrary to popular opinion, neither gay nor Jewish (I eat bacon, not penis)
** "The bacon is good; the penis is evil"? --JamesBrown
*** I will never look at bacon the same way again -- AlexisNast
**** Clearly, we need to make a penis out of bacon. --LeeWiyninger
* was cheered on by drunken Northies while unicycling across East repeatedly. In a sort of sports commentator voice. It was excellent.
* was EastDormProctor for 2009-10
* follows NicksLawOfBreakfast, except with "Richard" instead of "Nick."

It's largely thought that Richard Richard Richard OT3 would be a BadIdea

* Richard Richard Revolution? -- AndrewFarmer
** What about the Andrew Richard Andrew Richard Andrew Richard Andrew OT7?
*** An even worse idea. =P
**** And one that is (un?)fortunately no longer possible. -- AndrewFarmer
***** I'm sure RichardGarfinkel will visit eventually...

He is known by some as Roc-hard Bone.
* You mean by YourMom?
** Actually, by drunk funwiki vandals, but close enough.

Officially fails at FunwikiContact.


Old schedules are at RichardBowen/OldSchedules

Snarky Comments on Schedules

Well, have at it. - RichardBowen

So we should really encourage you to stay awake through Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights right? - MichaelBraly

Quotations (frosh year)

Note: Most of these are edited (by JamesBrown?, the main perpetrator) to make them more amusing for the rest of you. ::sigh:: Oor I just said them for his amusement, and he put them on FunWiki. Asshat. -RichardBowen

Note 2: These are FROSH year quotations. Allowed to be silly.

* "You gotta use the [back|butt]plug. That's how you do it."
** (Referring to 'back plugging,' e.g. finding the value of a variable and putting in in previous equations).
* ""Incidentally, you could probably get a buttplug with a lion's tail on it.""
** No Comment. Except [They do exist, I was right, NSFW]
* "When I lie on this, sometimes it feels like it's vibrating weirdly"
** What?! It's unusual! What would you say if YOUR mealcard did that?
* ZekeKoziol: "Viagra soft tabs?"
RichardBowen: "Yeah, those are weird"
** Putting together of two conversations.
* (to ScottButters) "We should make love."
(15 seconds later) "Oh my god! That was the BEST THING IN THE WORLD!"
** There is an argument that love was in fact spoken as glove. This is considered by the editors to be a lame attempt at cover-up.
*** After erasing the whiteboard with my hand, and noting that there was residue on it. Thus, "we should make a glove."
* "How do you fuck a phrase?"
** Well, how do you?
* "I had hot sex [...] with buttplugs"
** Made up.
* "Why did you make me throw away the gay porn?" (to ScottButters)
** Well, he did...
* On Star Trek
(Butters) "If you buy Star Trek posters, I'm going to jack off all over them"
(RichardBowen) "That can only make them better"
** Sigh... NotOnYourRoomMatesStuff. How many times do we have to tell you guys...?
* "Sitting down on it is like having unexpected anal sex"
** It was reaaaaly late. And our couch has this weird thing in the middle of it.
*** It was late? Not sure that that escuses using "unexpected anal sex" instead of "SurpriseButtSex?"...
* "Just because I can derive sexual pleasure from my eyes, don't forget what else I can suck cock with."
** See previous annotation. Except for the couch part.
* "I was going to put a condom on it, but no."
* (JamesBrown) "Is 'two doorknobs' supposed to be a metaphor for something?"
(RichardBowen) "Yeah, for double anal penetration in my ass. [...] It's all the rage these days"
* Those bruises on his neck aren't hickies. He just fell into a doorknob. Twice.
** Or a door with two doorknobs.
** Actually, they're from neck weasels.
** AND that's hardly a quotation, RichardMehlinger.
* "Nazi Schmazi. That's what I need to fuck!"
** Nazi Schmazi was from a song stuck in my head . Then "that's what I need" was a sudden realization. Then I knocked something over, thus, "fuck!". An amalgamation of 3 trains of thought.
* "If it's on my desk, it's still warm. Otherwise, I would be having sex with it."
* "So... 39 is like 69 with a double amputee?"
* "I always wear a condom when I'm throwing up, goddammit!"
* "You know what we need? Fuck tape!"
* "Yes, Arthur showed me boobs."
* "I do, however, like being naked. And I do like being in public."
* (ScottButters) "Yes, lock his scrotum to his elbow"
(RichardBowen) "You would need to drill holes in my elbow. I don't want any more holes in my elbow."
* (RichardBowen) "I'd hit that"
(ScottButters) "Yaniv?"
(RichardBowen) "Yaniv."
* "You may not fill in the blank."
* (ScottButters) "I'm gonna cut your head off with a nail clipper."
(RichardBowen) "No, I would derive sexual pleasure from that, and RoomCest is not okay"
* "My hole has a sock around it. [...] That's what the appendage on the wall is for.""
* (to ScottButters) "If it gets you off, I'm gonna do it."
* "I hadn't noticed... I was too enthralled with the Borg's penis"

Quotations (sophomore year)

* (to HendrikOrem) "I'm going to grope your breasts with my feet. Or as I call them, my greast bropers."

Quotations (Junior year)

* "I'm always high!"
* "Fuck Jesus!"
* "It's so slimy, Ann! Why did I stick my finger in it!"
* "What do vaginas do!?"
* "hmm, this might be sufficiently rigid to pendulate"

Quotations (Senior year)

* "Someone speared their bill on me".

Annotations provided by RichardBowen

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Dead dead dead.

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