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Xanda Schofield is a junior joint majoring in ComputerScience and Math. She lives offcampus in Brighton Park. She is a bit of a workaholic.
Xanda Schofield is an alumna who majored in ComputerScience and Math.

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She often wears necklaces spelling her name or variations thereupon so you do not confuse her with her twin, EllySchofield. Czanda, Heraldic Sandfox and Xandor are all legit.

She was the proud owner of frog Patrick, until it was realized that Patrick was a she which required a renaming to Lucy. This frog was eventually adopted by Megan after Xanda was a lazy ass about taking care of the frogs and started sleeping in Atwood all the time.

She possesses an extremely long scarf which can be used by 1 to 5 people at the same time to varying degrees of effectiveness. Ideally, two people can wear it at once and use it to clothesline people walking by East. This has been tested with AaronGable.

Xanda was DormSocial for 2010-2011. She was ProctorOfVice with JoshOratz for 2011-2012.

Xanda along with GretchenAllen, JoshOratz, MaryEliseElam, AudreyMusselmanBrown and some other pretty awesome people in KosherChords. They do cool things like watch Disney movies and drink and play Temple Run and also sometimes singing.

* "I went on a crusade. There are pictures on Facebook."
* "Meatballs don't make you pregnant. People do."
*XandaSchofield: "I'm not feeling myself today."
*MariaMorabe: "It's okay, I don't feel myself either."
* "I don't like swinging my dick around"

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