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Ah. I see I've been discovered. Welcome, whoever you may be, to my website. Here you will find many of my maille creations, including armor, jewelry, and the occasional sculpture. You will also find my weave instructions here; I have spent many hours on clear, concise instructions for many weaves, complete with 3D rendered images. Have a request for a weave? Email me (or find me online) and I'll consider it. In the meantime, take a look around; I'm sure you'll find something of interest. If you're interested in purchasing jewelry, my current stock is always on the web right here.

Trizantine Bar

10/4/04: About a year ago, The Ring Lord gave me space on their alternate website,, where they keep a communal maille store, the TRL forums, and now, my website as well. As of today, I'm officially moving off of the Harvey Mudd CS webserver, which, while it has served me well, does not deserve the bandwidth needs I inflict on it (especially since I'll be graduating in a year). The site here will not be updated in future; you'll need to redirect your bookmarks and browsers to the new URL. See you at the new location!

03/03/04: I've reworked the GSG images. If you're wondering why I'm doing all this, partly it's to get rid of the watermarks on many of the images on this site. And partly it's because I'm planning to make a book from several of my instruction sets. The book's still in the preliminary stages - I'm making images for the most part, and when I have the images all made I'll work on layouts and text. But one of the side-effects of all of this is that I'm revisiting many of my old instruction sets and making them friendlier both for me and for you. Hence the new images.

In contrast to what I had previously written about the whole TCB affair, I now have some actual data. I sent an email to the Wal-Mart online customer help. You might well be interested in the response.

29/03/04: Charles has threatened to sue me for libel over what I've written about him. Please read my response.

29/03/04: Please read this.

26/3/04 (The Twenty-Sixth of March): Updated the Turkish Roundmaille images and the Inverted Roundmaille images. And the Japanese 4-1 Cube images. Whew. Have fun.

25/3/04 (The Twenty-Fifth of March): I replaced the graphics for the Byzantine instructions. These graphics showcase a new, less-shiny finish on the rings. The pictures are more realistic, and with any luck, easier to comprehend. Also, they're free of the DCW branding. Why are some of my images branded?
The Box images have likewise been renovated.

24/3/04 (The Twenty-Fourth of March): I've received permission from a couple of former moderators at TCB to give some details about some of Charles' actions. You can take a look here, though I warn you, the stories are not for the immature.

23/3/04 (the Twenty-Third of March): Charles of The Chainmaille Board currently claims that he's being bought out by WAL-Mart as part of a process of creating a vast online "forum mall" for WAL-Mart's customers. I have a few words I'd like to say on this topc, if you'll humor me. Please, don't email me about this. I've heard every side of this particular issue more times than I care to count.

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