Welcome to the homepage for the Spring 2012 SIGCSE workshop:

ROS for Educators: Teaching with the Robot Operating System (ROS) and Microsoft's Kinect


Two recent developments are changing the way robotics, vision, and embodied AI are taught at the undergraduate level. They are (1) Microsoft's Kinect, a high-quality $150 depth-and-color sensor, and (2) the open-source Robot Operating System (ROS), the emerging standard software platform for robotics research. Together, these tools enable today's CS educators to provide richer and more research-representative experiences with robots and perception. This hands-on workshop will provide an introduction to ROS and showcase two pilot courses taught with ROS and the Kinect; we will use low-cost, Kinect-equipped robots and the ARDrone quadcopter. Four 20-minute talks will intersperse with participants' hands-on development of Python programs that use the robots.

Intended audience

We will present and provide resources for CS educators who teach or want to use robotics, computer vision, and/or embodied AI in their undergraduate curricula. First-time ROS or Kinect users are particularly welcome!

Slides, Links, and Presenters

Materials that will be provided

Each participant will receive both a paper and electronic copy of (1) detailed handouts to be used during the lecture portions of the workshop and (2) descriptions of the pilot curricula that have been tested at Siena and Harvey Mudd Colleges. Most importantly, the workshop will provide the opportunity to build programs that show off the capabilities of these new platforms and assess their usefulness at other institutions and within other CS/engineering curricula.


Requirements and notes

Participants do not need to bring their laptop, though they are welcome to. ROS and this workshop's software run under Ubuntu and we will provide laptops to up to 12 pairs that join us. As a result of this limitation, no more than 24 people can be accommodated by this workshop. The 6-1 ratio of presenters to participants should help the group ease into the new hardware and software.