CS 154 - Lab Projects

Marissa Anderson . Matt Livianu . Eric Wu

Project 1: FlameBot

FlameBot is based upon the concept of a simple robot that finds fires and puts them out. There are several competitions that sponsor the development of such robots, most notably the one at Trinity College. While eventually a home fire-fighting bot might become a commercial reality, our current understanding of robotics somewhat limits the scope of what we are able to do. In this project, we aim to build a robot using the HandyBoard and LEGO Mindstorms. Our robot shall be able to navigate a simple set of rooms, avoiding walls and such, while looking for a candle. When it finds the candle, it shall extinguish the candle. A similar project was done by CS 154 students two years ago.

We have been following a design outline.

The code for Flamebot is available right here.