CS 154 - Lab Projects

Marissa Anderson . Matt Livianu . Eric Wu

Week 1 - Feb 3, 2003

We outlined the design of our project, set up our space in the lab, and began working on a simple hardware/software platform. Basing our initial explorations on "insect behavior as a noble goal" (Brooks 7), we decided to start by making a robot with very simple behavior, an "anti-cockroach", so to speak. Using a LEGO frame for the HandyBoard, a light sensor and wheels, the robot's first job was to move around, and if it found itself in a dark area, run away.

Attempt 1: "An unexpected outcome from the execution of a plan step can cause subsequent plans to be executed in an inappropriate context." (Gatt 3)

Attempt 2: "Get the picture before we try it."

5-second video clip of a successful run.