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March of the Sinister Ducks

A brilliant anthem, revealing the sinister duck agenda. If they're not evil, then why do people always want to shoot them, huh?

SPU Toolbox

The SPU Toolbox is a great C++ wrapper for the Video for Linux system. Highly recommended if you want to write C++ programs that manipulate video. We hacked on our version a bit before it totally suited our needs, so this won't work with our code out of the box. Once I get my quota increased on Turing, our modified version will be available here as well.


C++ source code used to control Mallard Bane. You need to have the SPU Toolbox installed and use the included makefile to compile this code. Due to certain vagaries of the SPU Toolbox, this is unlikely to compile with g++ 3.0 and later (stick to the 2.9x branch).


We took a few videos of Mallard Bane in action as a gift to posterity. They're short, since we took them with the robotics lab camera, but they should give a good idea of how the robot works.

Kevin is happy
Mallard Bane uses laser sight
Round 6
More of the same round
Round 7, from behind the gun