Mallard Bane: A Brief Introduction

The Mallard Bane project team consists of three members: Aaron Becker, Ian Ferrel, and Kevin Pang. Inspired by Polly (see our references), a robotic tour guide constructed at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, we have set out to create a robot which also uses real-time vision as its only sensing modality.

Our goal is to create a robot capable of playing Duck Hunt on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) using the ZapperTM gun. The robot will react to input from a motion capture device pointed at the screen and aim using a pan/tilt unit. Ideally, the robot will perform better than human players, since it's a robot and robots own. We hope Mallard Bane will unveil the secret end levels of Duck Hunt never previously witnessed, and maybe go into commercial use for those lazier, but extremely wealthy, duck hunters.