In CS 154, everyone builds robots. We are building one that plays Duck Hunt, the classic Nintendo game.

Mallard Bane: A Robot That Hunts Ducks


Get an idea of the goals and intentions of our project

Our Approach

Thrill to the insightful design process behind Mallard Bane. Experience the unique brilliance guiding the Mallard Bane architecture, and acquaint yourself with the problems involved in duck annihilation.


Witness the perfection that is Mallard Bane and the proud visionaries who designed and built it.

Current Progress

Experience the triumph of Mallard Bane's construction and testing vicariously. Here you'll find our breakdown of the problem and our week by week progress towards total duck domination.


Check out papers and web pages related to duck hunting and general robot building.


Download code and data relevant to the project. We now also have movies showing Mallard Bane in action.