Student Projects' Page -- Robotics Course Spring 2004

Course: CS 154 Spring 2004

Instructor (Z. Dodds)
Computer Science Department
Harvey Mudd College
1250 North Dartmouth Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

Nintendo's Duck Hunt (Aaron Becker, Kevin Pang, and Ian Ferrell)

Monte Carlo Localization with the Handyboard (John Plewe)
Monte Carlo Localization with the ER1 (Les Fletcher, Josh Smallman, Keith Stevens)

Collegiate Botball (Kamil Wnuk, Andrew Yip, Adrian Mettler, Eric Harley, and Jeff Scherpelz)

Pendulum Balancer and Extinguisher (Matt Ferlo and Jordan Taggart)

Speed Demon, Mouse Odometry, and an Extinguisher (James Darpinian, Zak Andree, and Michael Terkowitz)