Margaret M. Fleck

I was a faculty member in the The Computer Science Department at Harvey Mudd College from fall 1997 through spring 2000. I then moved to Hewlett-Packard labs in Palo Alto.

Contact information

email: I have an account at, with username margaretmfleck.

   4675 Norris Rd
   Fremont, CA 94536
   (510) 797-8944

My husband is David Forsyth.

Research interests

My primary research area is computer vision. Computer vision algorithms interpret the output of a video camera. Specifically, a video camera and digitizer system produces arrays of integer values, each integer representing the brightness of a location in the picture. Computer vision algorithms analyze these arrays to determine what is depicted in the image. For example, some algorithms trace the boundaries of regions in the image and describe each region's color, texture, and shape. Other algorithms then use this information to recognize objects and infer their 3D position and arrangement.

For most of its history, computer vision has been a specialty area on the fringes of computer science, detached from the rest of "core" computer science curriculum and dependent on expensive special-purpose equipment. Within the past few years, however, decreasing hardware costs have made images and imaging equipment available to all computer users. Web pages and digital libraries have started to mix images with text and numerical data. Therefore, in the next decade, computer vision researchers must not only develop better computer vision algorithms, but also help integrate these algorithms into other areas of computer science.

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Course Home pages

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CS 5 (fall 1999)

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CS 132 (spring 1999) Compiler Design

CS 151 (fall 1998) Artificial Intelligence

CS 153 (spring 1998) Computer Vision

CS 5 (fall 1998) Structured Programming and Problem Solving

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Miscellaneous documents of general interest

Dan Stevenson and I maintain two general resources for the community: the Computer Vision Handbook and the Computer Science Research Index.

Other documents relevant to many people include:

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