HISTORICAL NOTE: People are always talking about the "new core," when Mudd has something of a looping process when it comes to core. In fact, the very first core revision happened around 1962-- five years after Mudd first opened. Five years. Back in 1959, students were having a hard enough time that they needed to revise the core. So next time someone tells you "you whippersnappers these days wouldn't be able to pass what I went through," keep it in perspective. Not that all changes are necessarily good or bad, they happen and it's not fair to judge someone on an anachronism.
Since 2016 or so (*cough* WabashReport? *cough*), the HMC core has been in something of a state of flux, making it difficult to document precisely what has changed (there have been many conversations in which UpperClassmen? realize the UnderClassmen? have completely different experiences). However, current documentation is as follows:

ProbStats? was removed without being replaced (much to everybody's rejoicing, except for those who hadn't taken it). Math82? (DiffEqs?, starting spring 2022) is no longer part of the core, nor is Physics51? (E&M, starting fall 2021).

Due to the "strange nature" of the fall 2020 semester, most of the Class of 2024 took only one bio or chem lab, and took it in front of their computers, staring sadly at the screen.

NewCore currently refers to the core curriculum introduced for the Class of 2014. Changes include:

Results of new core have primarily been FrOsh having spare time and interesting electives, upperclassmen bitterly reminiscing about how much more challenging core used to be, and SophoMores? getting screwed over (which tends to happen anyways, so whatever).

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