An ImprovComedy group at the ClaremontColleges, featuring the talents of IanSchempp (and other Mudders and 5C students) (at least til recently, when IanSchempp graduated...). ConorMcNassar of EastDorm was also a member from 2002 until his mysterious death in May 2004.

This week at work, MattBrubeck helped a customer wearing a WithoutaBox teeshirt. The former Boxer turned out to be a Mudd alumnus, William Washington '93. He said he was in the alumni Box show last year, so Ian may have met him too. William was a Mudd engineering major, a proctor in Atwood, and the first person FrancisCarr ever met at Mudd. Will is now at the University of Washington studying tech writing and human-computer interaction.

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