The biggest 5C non-party around!

It started as about a dozen East FrOsh deciding they wanted a HotTub tonight (9/3/04). But what with all the people leaving the LindeDorm party, what started as a joke of trying to get people to fill the HotTub ("hey, come on in! Our party's better than Linde's!") soon turned the HotTub into the center of a real social gathering (at least, as big as most of last year's parties). The party gained Critical Party Mass at about 10PM, and lasted until around 11:30 (when, presumably, people started migrating back to Linde). During this time, we certifiably had members of all 5 ClaremontColleges. TimeSuck (or at least TimeSuck's computer system) provided music, and several East upperclassmen (JonathanBeall, RobinSchriebman, and RandyGoossen?) provided spontaneous displays of small-scale pyrotechnics. We were also toying with the idea of pranking the dorm with a sign labeled "LindeDorm", but we were all too lazy to get out of the HotTub.

Later that night the TreeBra was hung in the large pine tree in EastDorm courtyard.

"Get in the HotTub! We have clothes on! And we have a BathBuddy?!"

   --Hey, I resent being called an upperclassman! 
                   ~One of the half dozen Sophmores who were provided the pyrotechnics

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