EastDormChristmas is an EastieHoliday and annual party involving, food, singing, and gift giving. Recently, JoePlatt? (PresidentPlatt?) and his wife have come and sung Mudd (and other technical) Christmas carols, and other songs (such as DontStandUndertheCoconutTree, and ItAintTheMoney? (Rabi version)). Christmas 2005, however, JoePlatt? sadly wasn't able to attend due to health concerns. If all the children are good little Easties, maybe he'll come back!

Of course, what would Eastmas be without Santa? This role has been taken on by a variety of people over the years, including CalPierog. Santa helps the dorm give out stupid presents to people via democratic vote (by which we mean "yelling very loudly"). Typically, a number of gifts are purchased from the 99-Cents Only Store (Open 9 to 9, 9 days a week!) and then labelled with funny names. During Eastmas, TheLounge votes on who they go to. This involves much yelling, stereotyping of dorm members, newspaper, and glee.

Santas have included:

Gift names have included:

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