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Chapter 1

 Joseph, if you shoot anybody, I'll flunk you! -- Professor Amundsen
 But They're going to kill me! -- Joseph
 Then I'll flunk Them too! -- Professor Amundsen

 I certainly wasn't expecting anything abnormal, like . . . cats . . . -- David Magus Knight

 Julie: Large as in large, or large as in "holy crap"?
 Steph: Large as in "holy crap".
 Julie: Holy crap!

Is that a raven in your pants, or are you just glad to see me? -- StephGrush

Trogdor the Burninator thinks I'm Keanu Reeves? --JulieWortman

 Will: "All in all, not bad for a first effort."  I shake his hand.
 Steph: Oh my god! (rolls dice)  . . . Oh my god!
 Will: . . . can I disbelieve?
 Steph: You can try . . .

 DM: "The deer piss glows faintly at you."
 Eli: "Well then... if you want the deer piss to glow faintly at you... 
       I am not a man to come between you and your deer piss."
 Steve: "No, you are a koala headed, seraph winged piece of furniture to 
       come between me and my deer piss."

 DM: "He's not responsive."
 Steve: "Like the previous case?  The lights are off and nobody's home?"
 DM: "More like the light's are on, but he's in another part of the house right now."

 Lori: "Amundsen's starting to talk like Meredith, because--"
 Clay: "Because she hates him?"
 Lori: ".....Yes."

 Eli: "I will be talking to either, or both, or at least one of-- wait a second."

 [Professor Meredith and Coach Rett decide that they don't appreciate Dr. Evans' methods
  of treating traumatized college students. They each take one of his shoulders.]
 Rett: What are you doing to him?
 Evans: I'm a doctor;  trust me.
 Rett: Explanation, or Door.
 Evans: I'm a doctor;  trust me!
 [Meredith and Rett exchange a glance.  Dr. Evans gets "Door".]
 Evans: You're going to kill him . . .
 [As colander comes off of patient's head, patient begins speaking in tongues.  Meredith
  and Rett decide that "Door" may be a bit premature . . .]

 [Edward Reid has just drawn a connection between current events and a set of obscure artifacts
  dedicated to Greek gods.]
 Meredith (to Amundsen): You see, Professor, there's my case for putting Classics back in the Core.

 Eli: The next time a psychotic road gopher shows up, we'll greet it with a salad.

 Clay: Will, stop trying to create Wiki quotes!

 Julie [on the Primal]: ...Carl Jung and all his hos?

 Cylene: So Meredith cast a magic spell on Evans' dreams, so that a magic chair with magic 
        wings and a magic bear head would show up in them.
 Amundsen: And a powerpoint presentation.
 Cylene: I don't think the powerpoint presentation was magic.

 Meredith: I will need your help in...scaring my cat. 

 Julie: I just have this mental image of John Kerry leaping into Kramer's head...

 Meredith: This is Epistemology.  Ethics is two doors down.

 RichardGarfinkel (while sitting in on a session):  Wait, is this EyeOfChaos or Schmack?

 Amundsen: Presumably we don't get $9.99 off our next purchase from the Cult of the Serpent 
           if we redeem this guy!

 Meredith: Are they [the Cult of the Serpent] more or less powerful than --
 Cylene: -- a breadbox?
 Meredith: -- the State of Illinois?

 Amundsen: We need to nip this thing in the bud!
 Reid: Show me the bud, then, and I will nip it!

 Cylene: Wait, you mean Athens isn't an ordinary college town?
 Reid: My dear girl . . .
 Someone I can't remember, OOC: Do you actually say that?!
 Clay: Yeah, I do . . .
 Julie: I smirk.

 Amundsen: Professor Meredith, what exactly are you hiding? You seem unusually... polite.

 Steph: "Mmm, tastes like Cthulhu!"
 Will: "Insanely delicious!"

 Meredith: Ms. Richards, please stop trying to mess with our professional paranoid.

 Edward Reid has just survived being mauled by a giant serpent.  Amundsen is not happy.
 Jeff the Serpent Mage: It was his test to make.
 Amundsen: And if I'd have stabbed it?  Whose test would it have been then?
 Rett (quietly): Just along for the ride . . .

 Regarding Amundsen and Rett, OOC: 
 She's a paranoid; He's a swim coach. Together, they fight crime!

 Julie: Let's do the Mind Rape again...

 Serpent: I hope never to face you in single combat, mindspeaker; I would also not want to be around 
          when you are buying shoes.

 Lori: It starts with an A, and ends in Pocalypse.

 Apparently 'Meredith' is a verb meaning 'to exploit.'

See also: EyeOfChaos/OdysseyOfSquirrels

Chapter 2

 Lori: I'm trying to devise a thing so that I can put more than one squirrel in a tupperware.

 Discussing the relative snakeness or human-ness of the aforementioned
 giant serpent, a shapeshifter:
 Rett: I mean, would her [snake] children be able to change into human form?
 Angela the Serpent Mage: Most likely not.  She would need to find a human male . . . (beat) I'm not 
                          entirely sure how that would work. (beat) I don't think I'd want to see

 The party's host in the Astral Plane (JeffBrenion), unaware of the meaning of the term "Dojo," is
 convinced that Coach Rett runs a brothel.
 Rett: Sir, I believe we may have a misunderstanding here.  The arts I refer to are Martial.
 Host: (stunned pause) Your people use that for War?!
 . . . you know, a few more memorable quotes from the session and it might be worth it to make
 a EyeOfChaos/MartialOrMarital? node. --WillShipley

 Emissary: So, five mages walk into the City . . .
 Umi (as Rett): . . . Ouch.
 Emissary (chuckling): For the mages, or the City?
 Umi: Well, I suppose that depends on your skill as a guide . . .
 Emissary: I think it rather depends whether you follow my guidance.

"Or, she could just politely turn down their offers, and introduce them to her roommate, the high elven lady Mary Suethor." -- LoriThomas

"Please don't take too many trout. The water will go extinct." -- EliBogart

 OOC commentary:
 "Mommy, where do bricks come from?"
 "You see, child, mortals throw them into the air . . ."

 Julie: "Our goal is to Redeem the Lord of Night . . . possibly in the Unreal Tournament sense."

 "No convenient identifiers? No ID cards? No personal effects?" -- EliBogart
 "No diary entries trailing off in 'aaargh?'" -- ClayHambrick

Potential titles for Reid's memoirs

 Professor Meredith is being tortured.
 Dr. Matison: Tell me, Professor . . . what is your sexual orientation?
 Meredith: I assure you, it is nothing that encompasses you.

 Amundsen checks if a party mind-link is secure from eavesdropping:
 Amundsen: Volen, are you there? . . . Volen, come quickly! The great goobly ooze is back 
           and it's coming to get us!
 Cylene: Would you stop that?!

 Rett: I may have a college education, Joan, but I'm not dumb.

 Lori, describing Amundsen's actions on AIM: basically I shout things and taser people

April 1 Universe

 "The jade cat statuette???"
 For a moment, a look of panic crosses Nolorian's face . . .

 Julie: "The salmon???"
 Lori: "A light mauve."

 "The Eye of Chaos???"
 "Actually an ear."

 Julie: "This dagger is missing something..."
 All: "A squirrel!"

"We put the 'Naughty' in 'Illuminati!'"

 "The Lead Green Dude???"
 "Actually blue." (see FuzzyBlueThing, possibly)

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