For years, WestDorm produced its glorious "The Ladies of West" calendar. One day, in 2003, GeoffRomer came up with the idea of countering this with our own production: The MenOfEastCalendar. Sadly, everyone was too lazy to actually make it at the time, but the dream lives on.

Distinguished MenOfEastCalendar/2007

Update: At this point, a majority of the photos have already been taken. This means that it will happen this year.

Distinguished MenOfEastCalendar/2006?

Assign yourselves to a month

A Nice Looking Roster of Men In chronological order of volunteering


Interested in helping? There's plenty of room. Photography, getting the calendar printed, ideas, etc.

Last Update: Sun, Oct 24 2005, 12:18 am

Once upon a time, there was a MenOfEastCalendar/2005 that never was. Let 2006 escape such a fate.

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