A neat chap from Serbia who invented radio, the basic AC power system upon which the modern world depends, and many insane things that are not remotely JustSubtleEnough. Yes, NikolaTesla was a madman of GaryLarson? and/or TheFarSide? stature, bar none.

Promptly after his death in the late 1940's, Tesla's papers were immediately confiscated by the federal government and eventually disappeared. His latest contribution to the world is the TeslaProject, located in AlaskaUsa, which, unbeknownst to most, is actually an eleborate device designed by the Late Tesla to resurrect himself in the year 2005. We'll see if Congress funds the project that year. As if they have a chance!

Tesla Project Update:

Recently decalssified Federal documents from the Cold War (circa 1950 - 1975) strongly suggest that much of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line infrastructure erected in Alaska and Canada to provide early warning (indeed, distant early warning) of incoming soviet Death may have by-and-large been a front for research into Tesla's little known high-latitude, high altitude research.

An apparent predecessor to the contemporary Tesla Project, also constructed in Alaska, the DEW-Tesla infrastructure may actually still be active, and DOD sources report that current DOD personnel cannot deactivate the stations. Analysis of the original construction documents (based closely on Tesla's own conceptual sketches from his later 'bird' years) have revealed that certain carefully sized magnetic components fused during ionic storms that occurred during the solar maxima of 1965-67. These fused components have significantly revised the architecture of the Tesla-derived systems, enabling them to derive operating power (and massive power surpluses) directly from ionospheric activity, precluding subsequent efforts to power down the DEW infrastructure.

Subsequent analysis suggests that the fused components were derived directly from original Tesla concepts, and that the observed 'failure' may have actually been intended by Tesla. The mysterious note "and this may be the final, final key to my eternalized success" appears on one page of his notebooks, reported by a former curator at the Yugoslavian (now Serbian) museum that holds some of his experimental notebooks.

During relatively calm periods in the ionosphere, episodes of what is described as 'harmonic locking' have been traced back to these derelict DEW stations. First observed during the solar minima winter of 1983-4, these were significantly (factor of 25) stronger during the minima period 1994-5. Should a similar scaling occur for the upcoming minima period 2005-6, DEW output will begin to dwarf natural ionospheric behaviors, with unknown impacts upon the natural or human environments.

Senior DOD officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, have acknowledged that the contemporary Tesla Project is actually an attempt to regain control of the rogue DEW system.

Reports from the Russian High Arctic suggest that their equivalent to the DEW system (based on a combination of U.S. designs and Tesla papers obtained from Yugoslavia) may have experienced similar failures, raising the possibility of a circumpolar autonomous Tesla network that is out of control.

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