A normal game of ChesSers is played, except that, whenever any piece is captured on either board, all pieces of both colors that are kingwise adjacent to that piece are also considered captured. Note that this includes the capturing piece, whether it is a checker or a chess piece; however, if a ChessKing captures something, it is not itself captured (however, if a capture occurs adjacent to the ChessKing, it is captured and the game is over). Double-jumps cause multiple explosions, one at each point where the checker jumped.

Originally proposed by JoshMiddendorf (I think; if you think you made it up and are not JoshMiddendorf, please say so.-MicahSmukler).

Well, I won't claim responsibility for NuclearChessers, but I will claim at least partial responsibility for the original: NuclearChess?. This was created in a series of chess variants that a bunch of us came up with, after we played out SuicideChess?. The only other game I can think of that we created at that time was CombinationChess and ThermoNuclearChess. I don't recall any others. They were created at the beginning of the fall semester in 1999. Shortly afterwards, ChesSers was created and it was vastly more successful than any of the other variants we had created. -NateCappallo

Sorry to burst that bubble of yours Nate, but NuclearChess? has been around for a long time. At the very least, I played it in High School. --RobAdams

* I also played it on the internet, as well as in high school.--DanCicio

Come to think of it, I think I may have been there when these variants were being created. I wonder if I showed people NuclearChess?? I definitely did not invent it though. --RobAdams

One game of it was played last semester, after which it was decided to be horribly broken; because of the nature of the game on the ChessSide, the checkers players will almost certainly get a large number of pieces; when they do, they can simply drop them wherever they want, annihilating an even larger number of checkers (since the CheckersSide is forced-capture). Thus the person whose move it is on the CheckersSide when pieces start coming over has an almost certain immediate win.

Possibly not quite as broken if pieces capture normally on the CheckersSide, while pieces on the ChessSide use the "nuclear" rule above. This variant has been discussed but never actually played.

Another possibility for unborking it would for the jumping checker not to die, but everything else to die, at least eliminating the stupid strategy.


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