Long, long ago (when seniors were frosh and WestDorm had a fire pit), a SlaveAuction was held at PatrisParty to raise funds for the Andrew "Rif" Hutchings Scholarship Fund. Volunteers auctioned fixed amounts of time (usually 2 hours) during which they would be the "slave" of whoever purchased them (the extent of said slavery being determined by agreement between slave and owner, often somewhat specified beforehand). At this auction, StaceyThonstad fetched the highest price from the now-legendary JamesCameronRose.

Since then, other auctions have taken place on the East Dorm Chat list (though not always with the consent of those being auctioned--ask MarcyLaViollette about that sometime).

Now there has allegedly been another SlaveAuction, one at which EmilyCukier was sold for the highest individual price (for reasons not unlike those that made Stacey such a hot commodity years ago... not that she isn't now, far from it!) More details on this would be appreciated. Inquiring minds want to know (BadIdea though such curiosity may be.)

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