A math TV show designed for kids, but beloved by all! Well-known segments include MathNet, MathMan, and GeneralMathpital? ("Paging Dr. Practice . . . Dr. Mal Practice . . . "). It had lots of cute math songs and math things. I learned a lot watching SquareOneTv.

I still remember "Never put Descartes before de horse". --SeleneTan

I just stumbled across a site with old SquareOneTv episodes saved as *.rm files (yeah, bad format, but great show). Unfortunately, it's horrible quality and only updated abour 3 or 4 times each year, but watching it sure took me back to the good ol' days. - BrianKirkpatrick


And if you have the urge to play an older, but slightly less-complex version of Math Munchers based on the Square One game Mathman, here's your chance: http://www.ellery.info/mathnet/install.exe

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