Too lazy to make his own page, so other people in FroshCrackSuite decided to do it for him.

Currently a sophomomore at HarveyMuddCollege. Lives in EastDorm Room 159 with roomate anf fellow WanKer JoshSinanan. Suited with EricBerglund and AlejoEnriquez.

Known to all by his official title: TheWank or WanK One. -That's Mr. Wank to you...

While others may follow it must be noted that he is the Original WanKer.

Extreme CrackWhore and WankerTroll. Likes to pretend to be thinking during games when he really can't do anything just to annoy anyone else.

Best Quote: Fuuuck, Manz, Zzzz

"Run away!!"

Other Recent Quotes:
"My food is hungry."
"It's a white shirt; clearly it doesn't like pennies."

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